drama assistant role @ Warminster school CLOSING SOON

Vacancy for Drama Assistant at Warminster School For 2017-18 academic year Graduate or students on placement Closing date for applications is Friday 28th April (Get cracking - 3 days!) Interviews will be held on Friday 5th May. Click on the links below ↓ Warminster School - Drama Assistant Application Form Warminster School Drama Assistant Advert 2017-2018 … Continue reading drama assistant role @ Warminster school CLOSING SOON


placement year applications ending soon

Interested in a placement year? Now's the time to apply. Placements have already been advertised and a few have been grabbed, but that doesn't mean there's none left. Christmas is stressful enough for English students, but most placements will stop advertising around February. Its a long process but it's definitely worth it. English students are … Continue reading placement year applications ending soon

placement info at the Percy building

Interested in a placement year? Need more advice? This year, the careers service are introducing a new scheme for students from various schools to get a placement. Placements are a great opportunity to get work after university. They take place between the second and third year of study and they'll help you gain valuable experience. … Continue reading placement info at the Percy building

City Internships

Lewis Talbot, the Managing Director of City Internships (www.city-internships.com), has been in touch with us. What City Internships does: City Internships runs immersive career training programs for college students and recent graduates. They’re designed to expand participants’ horizons and get them job-ready. For each program, on top of hard and soft skill building at weekly … Continue reading City Internships