summer NWE placements in Marketing for English students

There are two NWE marketing internships still up for grabs this summer in Newcastle.

Flux Outdoor

  • A dynamic technology company that’s looking to revolutionise billboard advertising
  • They are looking for a Creative Marketing Intern to join their team in summer
  • You’ll work for five weeks between June and September
  • You’ll receive a bursary at the end of the Internship
  • Applications close on the 27th of June
  • You can find more info about the role here
  • Or fill in an application form quoting EX169 on your form

Natural Stockcare Ltd

  • A manufacturer and supplier of animal feed products
  • They are looking for an E-Marketing intern to manage the companies website and social media accounts to hopefully increase sales
  • You’ll work Full-Time for ten weeks between July and September
  • You’ll receive a £2600 bursary for your work
  • Applications close on the 4th of July
  • More info can be found here
  • Or alternatively fill in an NWE application form and quote EX175

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