rise up bootcamp – last few places!


The Bootcamp takes place from 16 – 18 June

  • Supported by TH_NK, Sage, Santander, Transmit Start Up and Bdaily with new mentors, employers and entrepreneurs joining every day.
  • Find out more, check out the video and register here, there are only a few places left so make sure you sign up!
  • In 72 hours you will develop an idea, pitch a concept and produce a prototype.

Rise Up will help you to form a team, test your ideas and pitch them to a panel of experts.

Our high profile partners will showcase emerging trends and help you transform the world of tomorrow.

Taking part in the bootcamp will allow you to practise techniques for creating and developing new ideas. It will also enable you to:

  • form a team and co-create intellectual property
  • assess the viability of new concepts
  • present new concepts and ventures to experts, business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • showcase your ideas, talent and network with high profile businesses
  • network with other students, graduates and potential co-founders
  • become part of the Rise Up community



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