tips for group interviews


Congrats. They liked your CV or application and you’re heading for an interview.

Then they tell you that you’ll be doing a group interview.

Now you think, how am I going to get through an interview with not one but ten other strangers around who are  all wanting the job, just as much as me.

Group interviews are part of the stages of getting some jobs.  They’re not easy but here are a few quick tips that I’ve learnt from doing them.

So you’re not the mumbling mess of the group and Sally sitting next to you doesn’t have to jump in with her dramatic speech about how much of team player she is.

  1. Have confidence, but don’t be cocky
  2. Try to engage with the rest of the interviewees- employers want to see that you can talk to people who you’re not really trying to impress. It shows that you’re the nice guy, or at least you’re trying to be
  3. Make a joke- get the rest of the room laughing, then you’ll be remembered (unless you’re not a joker, then absolutely do not make a joke)
  4. Do the team building task with some sincerity- they’re awful, building bridges with sticks etc. Awful.
  5. Try and get some sneaky alone conversation with the interviewer- if the opportunity arises, chat to them on your own. Talk to them about themselves, everyone loves that

This is by no means a definitive guide. Sometimes I’ve got through, others not.

Hope it helps.


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