don’t let yourself be trumped by someone with better experience

I know. It’s awful. Donald Trump has become President Trump. The actual President of actual America.

Although his rise to to the top of the free world seems like he has got there through in-experience and sheer hatred, this is an anomaly in the career world.

Us, mere mortals have to painstakingly primp and edit our CVs, accepting any and all experience that comes our way. Pushing a tea-trolley for a top law firm never looked so glamorous.

Unfortunately experience is key. Employers will choose other candidates based on their experience over yours. That is just the way it goes. (Unless you’re Trump. But ew.)

This is the time to be snapping up summer internships and grad schemes. Don’t believe anyone who tells you you shouldn’t go for an internship. They are gold dust. They are the difference between yes and no.

Don’t be put off by that horrible word UNPAID. Hold your head, because if you take that internship perhaps next time you will be paid.


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