Law Jobs for Non-Law students!

TOP SECRET: You can still get a job in law without a law degree!!! We have just received this very exciting email from one of our lovely ladies in the English Department, so you might want to take a look at this…

A leading global law firm is opening a support office in Newcastle and is really keen to recruit some talented Newcastle students to work as part-time paralegals. They’re specifically keen to recruit a mixture of law and non-law students, and I know that English is one of the subjects where there’s often quite a lot of interest in a legal career. Furthermore, I suspect English students, in particular, have lots of the skills that they are after. It’s quite a rare opportunity for students to get some really high-quality, paid work experience with a leading employer, and so I wondered if it would be something to highlight…

Are you considering a career in Law? Would you like a part-time job with a leading international law firm? Are your time management skills excellent?

Leading global law firm, Norton Rose Fulbright, is opening an office in Newcastle. Their new Legal Process Hub which will provide high-quality support to lawyers in their main offices.

They wish to recruit a team of paralegals, and part-time jobs are available. They are particularly keen to recruit some talented non-law students from Newcastle University, and so this could be a fantastic opportunity for any English students considering a career in law. A significant number of Newcastle University English graduates have gone on to establish successful careers with leading law firms, and so this could be your first step!

Full details can to be found on the Careers Service website: ‘Vacancies on line’ (search for ‘paid part-time’ and ‘legal’). The deadline for applications is 7 March 2016. The Careers Service would be happy to provide feedback on any draft applications.

Holly and Connor x


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