Welcome back to Reality.


Hello students,

After a painful month of exams, I hope this week has been a refreshing start to new semester for all of you! Here’s a little tick-list you might like to read, just to get your engines restarted again, and ready for the second half of the Uni year!

Without risking sounding like your mother, here’s a couple of things you might want to keep tabs on this semester to make sure you are getting the most out of University life, as well as keeping your studies up and your wellbeing happy and healthy.

Have a pen and paper ready, you might want to print this…:

  1. Keep on top of your reading! Yes, this includes secondary materials as well as your primary sources. Try to be at least one book ahead per week, and if you are, then be two books ahead! Being on top of your reading is crucial, as you may have discovered in our first semester (or in previous years). So start fresh now!
  2. Eat healthily – Yes, it’s true, good food does actually give you more energy. Making sure you have three good meals a day is so important, yet the majority of students I know only eat two meals a day. If this is you, then start making your meals the day before, or packing easy snack food such as fruit and cereal bars in your bag!
  3. Get enough sleep. We all know ‘a little party never killed nobody’, but a lotta party does, so pull your socks up and get a good night sleep, for everybody’s sakes.
  4. Engage in other activities – These ones can be CV worthy ones, that will get you recognised when you apply for a job. Take up a sport, write for the Courier, do something a little bit more exciting! It could help expand your social circles too.
  5. ENJOY it. This is so important, stress is not worth the hassle. Make sure that you are enjoying your course, biased as I may be, but you are in the best school in the entire University! And what we study is the most stimulating of all the degrees going. Be thankful we’re not trying to discover what the most efficient hook shape is for carrying heavy weights in Mech Eng., or solving equations where x=everything you have no idea about in Maths. These are meant to be the best days of your life, so live them well!

Follow these rules to ensure a successful semester at Newcastle University this year.

Have fun!

Holly and Connor x


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