5 Tips to Revise over Christmas

santa-claus-pics-02011The Christmas holidays are all about being with your family, eating mince pies and watching blockbuster movies, socialising and…revision. Yes, unfortunately January exams make it necessary to put in the hours over the holiday break.

There is hope though and Christmas revision doesn’t have to ruin your season of goodwill to all. Being organised and approaching holiday revision in the right way should mean you can have your Christmas pudding and eat it.

Here are 5 tips to enjoying your holiday and getting the revision done that you need to.

1. Plan your Christmas events. Get all your events, friend meet-ups and family dinners on a calendar or schedule so you can see what blocks of time you have available for revision purposes. Having a good time over the holiday season is important as well; so plan this in if you need to.

2. Organise yourself and make a revision timetable.
Once you have your calendar marked with any family and friends events it will be easier for you to organise your revision times. It is probably a good idea to gather all the revision notes, books and references that you’ll need in advance. You don’t want to be wasting days from your holiday doing this. Do it before the holidays start to optimise your precious time.

3. Mix it up and keep your brain active.
Try not to spend hours staring at a PC screen or your revision notes if you’re not actively learning anything. Keep your brain active and alert by changing tasks and mixing up your learning method. For example; switch from revision cards to mind maps. You can also keep help your concentration with brain exercise games.

4. Your revision approach: chipping away.
There are several ways you can approach your revision schedule. One method might be to work a few hours every day, early in the morning or late at night, and gradually chip away at your revision tasks over the period of the holiday. It depends on you, as an individual and how you work best.

5. Another revision approach: Mega marathon. Another approach might be to hit the ground running at the beginning of the holiday and do mega marathon revision blocks over a few days, leaving you the rest of the holiday for tinsel and chocolates! This really only works for coursework and essays, so you’ll still want to top up and refresh your revision nearer the exam time. This technique won’t suit everybody and you’ll need to be mentally able to endure the ‘mega marathon.’ Don’t forget that short breaks are still essential to help your brain and memory take in the revision.

We hope these tips help you tackle your revision over the holiday and still have time to enjoy yourself.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Holly and Connor x


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