Coming Soon: Triple E Challenge

Calling all Stage 2 students! Second years, this means YOU!

This is an announcement to remind you that the Triple E Challenge is on its way – and it’s being organised to perfection as you read.

The Triple E Challenge is a ne entrepreneurial-style activity day, and is compulsory for all second year students, because it is going to be AMAZING. The School of English do not want a single student to miss out on this,  which is why it has been allotted into your timetabled schedule.

Think ‘The Apprentice’, think challenging ideas, business strategies, group work and teams. And also… think cash prizes and champagne. Oh yes, the best teams will be rewarded.

As a third year, I am extremely jealous that us finalists will have to miss out on such a fantastic experience. It will be a day you can put on your CV.

First years, you’ve got this to look forward to next year. It will definitely be an exciting event to remember.

Look out for more information coming soon!

Holly and Connor x


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