PEC form meetings!

If you have been struggling this year during Uni, or have personal extenuating circumstances that have disabled you from doing the best you can do, chances are you need to fill out a PEC form.

Many students are not aware of these forms, so I want to make it known to all our students of English that these are here to HELP YOU. If you need to re-sit an exam, couldn’t hand your coursework in or need extra time to do your assessment, handing in one of these early will help the school know that you need that extra bit of help to keep you here at Newcastle.

Even for the smallest things, filling in a PEC form could help you.

Drop in sessions are happening in the Percy building on the 10th and 17th of December so that you can find out a bit more, and ask whether you can hand in a PEC form or get some help with many different problems that many University students develop. Don’t suffer in silence!

Holly and Connor x



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