Needing Help with Finance and Budgeting as a Student?


Hey all! Today’s big focus, being ‘Back to the Future’ day is “Budgeting for the Future” day!

If you’re having difficulties with finance, or need help budgeting your student loan whilst having to pay all of those horrible bills, there are actually specialist advisers at University here to help you. Don’t let money issues be a worry whilst at Uni!

I have been well-informed that we have a website full of handy tips, and if you need to speak to someone in particular, there are people on campus willing to help in the King’s Gate.

Our lovely Student Finance Advisers, Austin and Emma, have produced a range of resources and materials to help you take control of your finances which you can find on our website:
Not sure where to start with it all and need a helping hand? Get in touch and book a one-to-one appointment with Austin or Emma:
Don’t fall behind! Be prepared for the future!
Holly and Connor x

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