Creative Industry & Teaching Opportunity: SELLL & Cap-a-Pie Collaboration

Ruth Connolly and Stacy Gillis (SELLL) are coordinating an opportunity for those students in the Faculty interested in teaching/facilitation, creative industries, creative learning, performance, applied theatre or working with children more generally.

Funded by NiSR and by the Catherine Cookson Fund, Dr Connolly and Dr Gillis are working with theatre company Cap-a-Pie ( are working together to offer students the chance to gain skills in developing and running practical and creative workshops alongside children-in-care (foster children) from the Gateshead area.

Workshop training, led by Cap-a-Pie, will focus on the ArtsLit Performance Cycle. ArtsLit has been developed at Brown University, USA to allow participants to ‘probe and comprehend classic literature texts and create meaningful works of their own’. The approach has been used especially to raise literacy attainment for young people who are struggling.

This project was piloted by the School of English, working on Beowulf, last year.  This year we are expanding the project to all students in HASS.  There will be two cycles of the project this year ­ in Semester One, the workshops will be focused on Homer¹s Odyssey and we will be considering themes of home and homelessness, exclusion, and community. Details of the Semester Two cycle will be available in early 2016.

Students must be able to commit to the following workshops:

7th Nov, 10-3 (Northern Stage)

8th Nov, 10-4 (Ouseburn Farm)

10th Nov, 6-8 (Ouseburn Farm)

11th Nov, 4-6 (Gateshead)

17th Nov, 6-8 (Ouseburn Farm)

18th Nov, 4-6 (Gateshead)

24th Nov, 6-8 (Ouseburn Farm)

25th Nov, 4-6 (Gateshead)

28th Nov, 10-3 (Northern Stage)

To apply, students must submit a 200-word statement of their interest in a career in teaching, the creative industries, acting or applied acting, and/or working with children, and their (brief) ideas about how Odyssey might be explored with young people.  Students do not need to have studied the Odyssey (although this may help) but do need to have read it recently.   It is necessary that participants are native or near-native speakers of English.

Applications must be submitted to by 9th October, 5PM. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by the 12th October.


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