Welcome Back!


Dear both old and new students of English,

Welcome back to Newcastle and most importantly to the School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics!

This year, we have lots of new and exciting events for you, and more information ready to help you on your search for graduate jobs, internships, part-time jobs and other CV enhancing goodness!

Tweet us with your questions, follow us on Facebook, and start getting ready for the year to come… not just by preparing for your lectures and seminars. Yes, indeed, one day you are going to graduate! And the best thing we can do to help you on your way is by making you as EMPLOYABLE as possible! Here, we will give you ideas for potential future jobs, open your mind up to many different employment possibilities, and most importantly, will be your window into the world of work whilst you transition from student life at Newcastle University.

So join up to societies, make yourself known! Start writing for The Courier newspaper, and give yourself the best chance to become as employable as possible – here’s the main thing: you need to start now. Even as a fresher, these years fly by, so don’t miss it!

Keep checking back at our blog and feel free as a bird to message us with any queries! Soon, we will be arranging a tea and coffee afternoon especially for you students to get on board with us in the English department and to keep you in touch with the outside world. As 3rd Year English students ourselves, we will do our best to help out with any problems you have and start getting you involved with more that Newcastle has to offer!

Your student bloggers,

Holly and Connor x


2 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. Hi Holly and Connor

    I follow the SELLL blog with interest. I am doing PhD research into employability in SELLL – would it be possible to meet up with you?

    I would really appreciate the opportunity of meeting up,

    with best wishes




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