Saying Goodbye to University- What to Do Next

Whether you’re finished uni for the year already, are waiting for exams to be over before you’re free, or are simply a curious second year thinking of the future, the prospect of  what to do next can be daunting. And often, you may not even know what you’re doing until something *fingers crossed* miraculously falls in to place.

What you should know is this, there are so many options available to you! Sometimes it seems like you’re being pushed in one direction or the other, and just the mere thought of leaving education after so many years is terrifying. So we have compiled a list of just a few of  those options, giving you  all the info you need to pursue whatever you wish!

1. MORE Education.

Okay so you just finished a degree and have came to the  end of  your educatory life- or so you think, right? Perhaps you aren’t done yet? If you are one of those who are incredibly sad to be leaving the learning process behind, perhaps considering further education would be an option? And we aren’t just talking about a Masters here. Indeed, if completing a Masters degree is your thing- go for it! Check out the website of the university of your choice, look at as many courses as you can (remember, unless stated otherwise, most Masters courses have as their requirements a certain class of ANY degree. So if you’ve been studying English and fancy a foray in to history, PR or  business, chances are you can do that too!) and apply! Also, those graduating from Newcastle University get 20% off Masters’ courses. However, if completing another degree isn’t screaming fun at you right now, consider enrolling in college courses. You can do anything from practical courses like NVQ’s or even attend free public lectures or online courses to learn just for the sake of it!

However, there are no doubt many of you who are running as fast as you can away from your degree and education. And that great! There are so many options available. Including working- be it part-time or full-time having a degree under your belt will work wonders in getting you employed. Newcastle University jobs page has a wealth of offers which are available to those with little experience, and their graduate jobs systems are vast. This is the same for many companies; ask around and look online for those offering graduate schemes, you never know you could find something which you have never thought of doing before.

If that doesn’t take your fancy volunteering is an option. whether going in to education or working, volunteering is an excellent way to bulk up your CV and gain experience you need for a job in a similar field. As well as providing excellent experience, the contacts you will make and the friends you will meet can really put you in good stead for life. Employers value volunteering experience so again, check out the university website, or look in the advertisements page of newspapers or online.

One other viable option for you is a year out- you could work for a year and then return to education, for instance. But many of those taking gap years decide to travel. However, more often than not organising something like this has a lot more to  do with intense planning, rather  than randomly jumping on a plane and jetting off somewhere. If a year out travelling interests you, start by looking at your funding, it may be that you need to work, or perhaps travel with a group to cut down costs. Furthermore, it would be wise to visit with a travel agent, even if you aren’t going to travel through one. There are many student based travel agents out there who can teach you how to be safe and travel wisely as well as save money, all important things.

So don’t worry! If right now you’re clueless as to what you could possibly do, there are options out there, as long as you are active about it. Whatever you decide to do, keep on top of it- keep checking online with the University, or with companies which you would love to work for.


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