What can Zoella teach you about job hunting in the 21st Century?


“We are all Digital Natives. We are the first generation to be totally online. Our age bracket is the first to be completely on point with the internet, technology and the digital world. We were the first on Myspace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, along with Instagram and those who dipped their toes in Google+. We’ve done it all and have more exposure to information and media that our parents could have dreamt about at our age.

But this as develops, it is slowly coming to play a part in what we do next. Graduate employers are beginning to harness technology and utilise what it offers to help them in their recruitment process. According to a report by Right Management highlighted in Forbes Magazine, 18% of applicants undertook a video interview within that year, up twice-over on the year before.”

Read all here: http://www.graduate-jobs.com/blog/post/524/What_can_Zoella_teach_you_about_21st_Century_Job_Hunting


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