5 Blogs SELLL Students should Follow

Written by Jenni Meikle



This blog, written by publishing professional Steff Lever, is great for those looking for a job in publishing. As someone who has climbed her way up from the position of intern, Steff posts her own experiences in the business, hints and tips for those looking to break in to the publishing world and up-to-date position opportunities that range from week-long unpaid internships to permanent positions. All of her recommendations are with extremely well known companies such as Penguin and Reveal Magazine, and are not only for those hoping to write, but also those that might want to get involved in the more digital and technical side of the publishing world.



The first thing that caught my interest on this blog was the beautiful lay out- the clear structure and the inspiring images that accompany each post. On further investigation, I discovered the writing to be even more poignant, for myself and for SELLL students in general. David Winters is a literary critic, and his blog is full of his own critical essays on novels, philosophical and literary essays, providing links to the full versions beneath each blog post. I would really recommend giving this blog a look; it could even come in handy for essay writing!



After researching a few travel blogs, ‘Adventurous Kate’ is by far my favourite. Not only does she share her own incredible travel experiences, but she answers her followers’ questions on travel advice. In terms of graduate- specific travel advice, she has written posts that include ‘should I pay off my student loans before travelling?’, ‘Kate’s advice for recent college graduates,’ and ‘Here’s to being crazy in your twenties.’ The blog as a whole is brilliant, perceptive, full of travel advice and made me desperately want to pack up and go travelling tomorrow!



As SELLL students, admittedly a lot of us are in to the stereotypical ‘arty farty’ stuff that comes with studying the arts! That said, I thought this blog would interest a lot of you. It literally does as it says in the title: tells us when ‘cool things happen’ and is bursting with breath taking images, unbelievable discoveries and completely random, but amazing, events that take place all over the world. It truly is a blog bursting with culture.



This blog was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of it sooner. As a lover of poetry myself, I find this blog inspiring. It focuses mainly on American poetry, and is basically a huge data base of brilliant poems, with many different genres to grab different readers’ interests. There is even a ‘poet-a-day’ section and, if you sign up to the blog, you are sent a new poem every day! So if you are in to poetry, and even if you are not, this blog is definitely worth a look.


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