10 Songs that Prove Listening to Beyoncé is actually an Interview Masterclass

10 Songs that Prove Listening to Beyoncé is actually an Interview Masterclass

Hooray! You’ve cleared all the hurdles and now you’ve been offered an interview! Here’s an in depth tutorial to how Queen Bey can guide you into the glorious kingdom of paid heating bills and decreased student debt!

Sit back, relax and prepare to get flawless.

  • Fever

Before going to your interview, you are going to be nervous. So embrace the heat and your nerves, they will be your fighter jet fuel, propelling you into employment!

  • Ego

I’m not at all endorsing an ego fest in the interview, I am merely reminding you that there is a reason they have chosen you to be interviewed. So when you feel nervous, just remember that you wouldn’t be there in the first place unless they saw in you what they were originally searching for!

  • Work It Out

Not only is this a great song to get in the groove, but it also gives a gentle reminder towards the preparation and work that you must make time for. Research the place you are working at, know the name of the person who is interviewing you, think about how you might answer some generic interview classics… Fail to plan, plan to fail!

  • Freakum Dress

It’s time to impress! Employers will pick up on dirty nails or creased shirts, so the way you look will be a big part of your first impression. But more importantly, make sure that your outfit is something you feel confident and comfortable in. It will help you feel relaxed during the interview.

  • Irreplaceable

So, going into an interview may bring back terrible memories of rejection email’s past. Be resilient! Forget any disappointment from your past and frolic happily into this new meadow of opportunity!

  • Best Thing I Never Had

Beyoncé is the Patron Saint of resilience, so go ahead and give this one a listen too.

  • Hello

Remember that the interview will all be about making a good first impression, have them at hello! Key ingredients to this knock-em’-dead cocktail are as follows: plenty of smiling, a happy and relaxed demeanour, an openness to all questions asked, positive body language and a good, strong, trustworthy handshake.

  • Crazy In Love

As well as being spinach for the soul, this song will be your key source of inspiration. Make sure the interviewer knows how passionate you are about your subject area and the job you have applied for.

  • I Was Here

This is your opportunity to meet with your potential future employer in person, make sure you leave your mark. Beforehand, have a think about what might set you apart from the rest of the candidates.

  • End of Time

If I can guarantee you anything before you embark on this grand endeavour, this song will lift your spirit into the sky and make it soar. Go on in there with your head held high and a song in your heart!

– A Beyoncé one to be precise.

All the luck in the world,



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