8 Things Every Final-year Student Panicks About

Written by Jenni Meikle

Once again, the final year of university has come around far too quickly and, in concordance with popular belief, it is stressful, difficult and terrifying…


But what is it that is so daunting about the final year? Why are we students set in to sudden panic when realisation hits that this is the last year of university? Here are 10 things every student in their final year worries about:

1) Dissertation

The dissertation seems to cause some kind of unanimous shock amongst all final year students. It’s the kind of fear that wakes you up suddenly in the middle of the night when you realise you still haven’t finished (or should I say started…) it, and that the deadline get closer and closer.


How are you supposed to complete this when there is so much socialising, sleeping and a tripled work load to do? It’s not like you’ve known about it for three years or anything…

2) Facing the dreaded question: What are you going to do when you leave university?


Of course, there are those who are the exception to this particular worry. For example, medics who leave University and enter straight in to a job, or students of any vocational course that at least has some direction (and maybe a few very organised English students who have known the answer to this question since birth…) However, for most of you, this is a major concern that manifests throughout the final year. You see, for students of the Arts, the options are endless. This should make the decision easier but, unfortunately, it really doesn’t.


3) Graduation

University just got serious. Now you have to worry about what mark you are going to graduate with. Oh, and you have to actually put the work in to make up for last year’s feeble efforts.


Maybe you need a 2:1 for your desired career, maybe you have been on track for that 1st ever since you can remember and this is the final push, or maybe you just want to pass and be done with it. No matter what your situation, it’s on your mind…constantly…

4) Paying back the loan

How brilliant life was when the student loan was fresh in the bank account, when the overdraft seemed a mere slip up that was extremely necessary and could be rectified next year… or the year after…


Well, students, you have run out of time and the majority of you are probably knee deep in your overdraft.


Paying your student loan back will probably take a life time. On the upside, word on the street is that you will probably never earn enough money to pay the whole thing back. Great! Right?

Which brings me on to 5) Will I ever get a good job/ earn enough money?

In today’s society, graduates are increasingly struggling to get jobs. Lack of jobs= lack of money. And right now, money seems very important.


Horror stories about unfortunate graduates who can’t find a job and can’t afford a place to live are everywhere. So on top of your work load this year, you should probably start applying for something… anything… that will earn you some money to keep you going until you get that high paid dream job you’ve been hoping for!

6) Being an adult

You become an adult when you’re 18… no actually it’s 20, once you’re no longer in your teens…make that 21, key to the door and all that… No, it’s actually when you leave uni, that’s when adult life really starts… And now you are out of excuses.

One major concern in your final year is the daunting idea of the ‘real world’. A real job, real money troubles, real bills to pay and the abandonment of the saviour that is the student card. No more nights out mid-week, you have to become a responsible adult some time very soon.

7) Moving back in with the family

Of course, before you can fully rely on yourself in the big bad world, for most of you there will be a period of time after university when you have to move back in with your parents. And (if you have them) your siblings. Visits home are lovely, the highlight of the month, but after so much freedom at university, the novelty may wear off pretty quickly. This means no more rolling in from a night out at some ungodly hour, no more lying in bed all day eating junk when you’re feeling lazy, lots of nagging and being told what to do and when to do it.

8) Relationships

Another part of the real world often includes meeting that special someone, settling down and creating a life together. This concerns final year students in two ways, depending on whether you are currently single, or currently in a relationship:

a) Being single when you leave university

University is the perfect place to meet your future partner for life. Personally, I used to say to my friends, ‘If I’m still single when I leave university, I will be worried… where else are you supposed to meet someone?’ However, time is running low, so either you furiously hunt through Tinder for your perfect match, or you hope that cupid is merely waiting to strike you a little later in life. (There are many perks of being single in your twenties, let’s not forget…)

b) Being in a relationship when you leave university:

Here is the other side of the coin: you are in a relationship, but what if it doesn’t work out? Maybe you’re starting to realise that having a boyfriend/ girlfriend from Edinburgh when you live in Cornwall wasn’t such a good idea after all. Long distance relationships can take a lot of work.

So you don’t have much time left to decide, is it worth it? Or do you cut the ties now before no one gets hurt? Oh, the troubles of love…


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