Fancy earning £700 this term around your studies?

Quickly apply for a placement on the Newcastle Work Experience scheme! This scheme, organised by the Careers Service, offers paid, part-time and flexible placements with local businesses. A lot of the vacancies have deadlines that end this week so quickly log in to Vacancies Online (; select ‘Work Experience’ and then ‘Newcastle Work Experience’.

There are some GREAT placements available that are really relevant to SELLL students and possible career options.

‘Marketing Assistant’ for House of Objects (deadline 08/02):

House of Objects is looking for a marketing specialist who can work with the current team to develop and implement a marketing strategy. We are seeking a candidate who can work well as part of a small friendly team. The chosen candidate will assist in shaping a marketing plan to promote key services offered by Hobs. 

Specific tasks may include: 

  • To develop a PR campaign to ensure all schools in North East are aware of services we offer.
  • To promote professional development opportunities offered by Hobs.
  • To assess the results of a marketing campaign and assist the manager in writing reports and analysing data
  • Generally helping to drive online traffic with web-related campaigns

Top tips:

“I would love to work in marketing but don’t have any previous marketing experience”

Are you sure? Have you ever helped out in a society? Sticking up posters around Uni and putting a Facebook status out inviting people to attend the event = Helped run a successful marketing campaign and oversaw the social media strategy for the event. Remember to say what happened as a consequence of your actions – how many people turned up? How much money was raised?

“Why should I bother applying? I bet loads of other students with better experience have applied…”

You’d be surprised – Sometimes these amazing opportunities with the Careers Service have NO-ONE apply for them. These local businesses really want someone’s help and the Careers Service is very keen to fill their vacancies so it’s worth a shot.

Don’t worry if there are not many opportunities advertised when you look – if the vacancies have not been filled we imagine the Careers Service will put them up again!

If not, they will also be advertising soon for 5 or 10 week summer placements where you can work part-time or full-time and potentially earn up to £2400! These placements are open to all current and graduating Newcastle University students from any degree discipline.


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