Welcome to SELLL Careers, SELLL Yourself!

Welcome to SELLL Careers, SELLL Yourself the student led blog created to become your personal hub for all things careers and employability! Here, you’ll find weekly article features such as our Graduate Job of the Week (or GJOTW) feature which advises you on which jobs are out there and how to find them. We also have our weekly Ladder articles which will help you obtain those jobs once you’ve found them. This could be anything from learning how to build up your CV, give interview techniques and tips and show you how to actively and effectively search for job opportunities- with a new activity each week, our ladder articles will help you maximise all you can in terms of job and volunteering productivity and making sure your applications are successful. As well as this, we will have new posts every week which could range from information about other online blogs, which show alternative ways to begin your career after graduating, to funny, off the cuff articles such as “7 things you’ll notice when searching for a graduate job.”

The SELLL Careers, SELLL Yourself blog is created, tailored and designed for YOU, the School of English student, by School of English students, with student writers from all stages of their degree producing articles for you each week. Keep checking back with us for daily posts and helpful links to anything and everything careers!

Catherine and Em!


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